Start Date: 11 October 2020

End Date: 11 October 2020

Time: 10:00am

Place: 365 Burrows Ave.

Christian Family 3The family that prays together stays together.  Can we make this a special Sunday in our parish bringing together the entire parish family?  Now is the time to spread the word and encourage those who are lapsed in their worship attendance; left the parish, or just are not worshiping anywhere; to come and join us on Sunday, October 14th with a reunion of our entire parish family. Be persistent in promoting this special solemnity of our Church which could potentially encourage them to a more participation in parish worship and programming.
St. Paul often wrote about the body of Christ. Christ is alive in the holy communion Christian Family 1of community. Jesus wants us to live in relationship. Family is the key icon of relationship. If we see family as just a bunch of folks who share genetic traits, who might look somewhat the same, who may live in the same house — if we stop at what we see, we’ve missed the point. If we see family as just a definition, we’ve missed the point.
Family, people joined together, are the icon of God’s reality in the world. Family points to the way God lives. Today our Polish National Catholic Church celebrates the Solemnity of the Christian Family. Today we venerate the family as the icon of Christ.
How we relate to each other in family must be first and foremost grounded in the reality of what family is; its iconic nature.
Our family relationships need to be seen for what they are. As icons of God’s love, we Christian Family 4need to praise and venerate family. As icons of meeting God, we need to live holy lives as family. Our homes must be filled with holiness, and must be the doorway where young and old get to know Jesus. Our families must bring holiness to the world.
As family, we are more than a dictionary definition. As icons, we are the true presence and work of God in the world.
Our families are icons to the world. In the icon of family, friends, neighbors, and community we see, meet, and enter into a relationship with God. Family is the doorway, the window to the heavenly, the holy.
With love, respect, prayer, and worship we proclaim and venerate God as family. Husbands, wives, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins — all of us as family — all of us as an icon of God.

Prayer for Our Loved Ones and Homes

Kind Father, I thank You for my home where loved ones dwell and to which my fondest memories now turn. I praise You for the family love and peace and cheer which follow me and comfort me in strange and distant places. I am grateful for all things we share in common: the worthy lessons we learn, the hardships and griefs we sometimes bear, the tasks and pleasures which bind us closer to each other, and the abiding affection and heartfelt prayers which still keep our spirits one in You.
Shelter my home, O God, and all my dear ones there. Make me strong, unselfish, and brave to defend and protect them. Send down Your peace to every family on earth, and grant an abundance of grace to them so that in doing Your will they may merit the joys of eternal salvation. Amen.

Christian Family 2