Start Date: 14 March 2021

End Date: 14 March 2021

Time: 10:06am

Place: 365 Burrows Ave.


On the 2nd Sunday in March we commemorate the organizing of the PNCC, that moment when the Holy Spirit called this branch of the Holy Catholic Church into existence. It is a time for all Polish National Catholics to express their thanks to God for the guidance, grace, and protection which He has bestowed upon us from the beginning. It is also a time to remember those individuals who played a very important part in serving both God and His people during very difficult times, Hodur1especially Prime Bishop Hodur, all the priests and all the lay people who worked, prayed, contributed, and struggled with the help of the Holy Spirit, so that this branch of the Catholic Church might grow and fulfill the charge given to it by our Lord Jesus Christ. I remind you of these beautiful principles of our Church. Safeguard them, uphold them, and please become involved in the work of your parish and Church, so that together we might serve our Lord Jesus Christ and minister to His people!
This year we are commemorating the 121st Anniversary of the organization of the Polish National Catholic Church. All of the celebrations will reflect upon the fact that on March 14, 1897 Father Francis Hodur accepted the call of the Polish immigrants of the newly constructed St. Stanislaus Church on the South Side of Scranton, PA to become their pastor. With truth, work and struggle, they succeeded in organizing the PNCC – a Church that is One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic, yet democratic in its governance. Under the leadership of Father Hodur, who would later become their Bishop and then Prime Bishop, they built the foundation for what we today know as the Polish National Catholic Church.
The organization of the PNCC gave the faithful so many rights and privileges that, even 121 years later, they still enjoy. The PNCC is built upon Jesus Christ and the Apostles. The PNCC considers itself an integral and vital part of the Catholic Christendom founded by Jesus Christ, Who gave His apostles and their successors the powers of mission, order and authority.