Start Date: 23 June 2019

End Date: 23 June 2019

Time: 10:01am

Place: 360 McIvor Ave.

Cemetery Mass3

Sunday June 23, 2019 – Annual Mass and blessing of graves.
Mass will be offered for all those who are buried in the cemetery.

We pray for all our loved ones who rest here.
Lord, in you we place our trust and hope –
In you, our dead find everlasting peace.

St. Mary’s Annual Mass for the Faithful Departed offers families who have lost loved ones a great source of spiritual strength. Celebrating the Mass on the grounds where their loved ones are interred is very special and very emotional for a lot of people. The Mass plays a unique role in the resolution of grief.
Cemetery Mass2By celebrating the Annual Mass, Parish aims to fulfill its mission as a vehicle of compassion to the bereaved. Our objective is that each participant be able to pray for their loved ones and feel the solidarity of the community behind them.
It’s always a great feeling that the community is coming together to pray for our loved ones who passed away.
The Mass provides an opportunity to intercede for those who have passed away and are waiting for that blessed moment to be with God. The feeling of the Mass is the feeling of family. Even in mourning, in remembrance, we are present to one another as well as in prayer for one another.
And since the Mass is held outside, the organizers pray for good weather. If it rains, Mass will be held at St. Mary’s Church (365 Burrows Ave.).