Start Date: 01 June 2020

End Date: 01 June 2020

Place: 365 Burrows Ave.

vocation 7

June is Sacred Vocations Month in the Polish National Catholic Church. During the month we particularly focus our prayer on vocations to Holy Orders within the Church. We further consider our loyal and dedicated clergy who have served many years, offering their guidance, counseling, assistance, hard work, and service in the cause of drawing all to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
First and foremost, we must pray for vocations. Too often we see dwindling congregations and the closing of churches all around us. Within the PNCC we sometimes lament over the state of the Church in our country, but the reality is far different. Throughout our nation, and all around the world, people are calling out to us, to our One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church with its democratic form of governance, and are asking for priests and new parishes. The only thing holding us back from going out into the field and reaping this harvest is a lack of vocations.
The life of service within the Church is not without its occasional difficulties, but instead of focusing on temporary and occasional drawbacks, think rather to the blessing our God showers upon those who give generously of themselves, of plain, hard working men who are ready to step up and work.
Also, during the month of June, we are asked to give generously to our Clergy Pension Fund. The Fund was established to aid our retired clergy who have given service to the Lord all their lives. A small stipend aids and adds to their Social Security benefits. Currently, the stipend for the clergy is $600 per month. The theme of the Fund is: “Retire with Dignity.” So, on Father’s Day each year the Polish National Catholic Church sets aside a second collection to be taken for the Clergy Pension Fund. Please donate generously to this worthy cause.

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