During May as we celebrate the “mother of God,” we also celebrate all of the mothers who are dear to us, both those still with us and those called to their eternal reward.  For most of us, it was our mother who first taught us to pray and helped us to understand the mysteries of our Christian Faith. We can help repay her for that gift of faith by praying for the repose of her soul. This prayer is a good way to remember our mother.  For all deceased mothers, especially for: Lorraine, Brenda, Vicky, Regina, Marianna, Marta, Krystyna, Anne, Cheryl, Helena, Leslie, Katerina, Melanie, Anna, Maria, Eva, Josie, Teresa, Rose, Gail, Remedios, Virginita, Grażyna, Christine, Epitacia, Elaine, Maria, Daisy.
On behalf of everyone who has lost their mother, let these Mother’s Day tributes lift your heart and touch your spirit. Let us pray that the glory of the Lord will be revealed in eternal happiness for those mothers who have died, especially: Zofia, Nina, Emilia, Helen, Mary, Cecylia.