We’re so grateful to the Lord for His continued goodness.  While there continue to be challenges related to this global pandemic, we are encouraged as we see many positive signs that we are slowly returning to some form of normalcy. Last week, Manitoba Premier announced there will be a carefully thought-out, methodical process for reopening of businesses. Many of you have asked, “How does the government recent announcements affect St. Mary’s Parish? When will we begin meeting at Sunday Mass? When will we get to go to church?” Be patient! Our greatest concern is for the safety and well-being of our parish family, our guests, and our community. We want to honor and respect our governmental authorities and the advice of medical experts as to when it is safe to return to Sunday worship. We also want to be cautious as to when we begin meeting in person, so we can avoid any setbacks. For now, we plan to continue holding our St. Mary’s Sunday services online through May and June. We encourage you to join us online each Sunday through our website. We are here for you! If you need anything, simply call to talk with me or to share your prayer requests. In the coming weeks, as the situation evolves and regulations change, we will provide additional updates. We pray God continues to give you a spirit of peace, increase your faith, and provide for your every need.


Increasing our discipleship in response to the Covid 19 outbreak

– Increased time in prayer and fasting
– Sending cards and letters to those nursing homes that cannot have visitors
– Calling to checking in and pray with family members, friends and neighbors
– Going shopping for our older brothers and sisters and those in need
– Sewing Masks for First Responders
– Increase almsgiving with donations of Blood, money and food to local food pantries
– Keeping Social Distancing to help stop the spread of this virus
– Thinking of service and others before yourself – following the example of Jesus washing the feet of others
– Using online conferencing such as Zoom to have online worship and prayer with the faithful that allows their participation such as Stations of the Cross, Sorrowful Lamentations, Liturgy of the Hours and the Litany of the Passion.
– Streaming Holy Mass



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