The XXV Synod of the Polish National Catholic Church will take place at Our Lady of the Snows Monastery in Belelville, Illinois from Monday, October 1st through Wednesday, October 3rd. The upcoming Synod is the fullest expression of our Church’s ecclesial democracy. Our voice and vote will be represented by Fr. Tadeusz Czelen and Tadeusz Kukula, your elected representative. The Synod will work to build on what was accomplished at the Synod four years ago. At that Synod a general plan of action was laid out to select five areas of focus:
1) Growth and Membership,
2) Increase Spirituality,
3) Lifelong Learning,
4) Sacred Vocations and
5) Community Involvement and Presence.
In an effort to build upon this plan we will have a number of sessions during this Synod in which we will:
1) evaluate the work of the past four years and make suggestions for improvement,
2) discuss successes and challenges in each of the 5 areas,
3) further develop the 5 areas and create further directions of implementation and lastly
4) make a more concrete plan for the years 2018-2022.

Pray the following each day through October 3rd:

Let us pray: O Holy Spirit, as the moments of Holy Synod approach, inspire and enlighten our bishops, clergy and delegates. As You descended upon our Lord Jesus Christ at the moment of His baptism, descend once again upon His body, the Church. In the preparations that will take place and in the proceedings that will occur, let all gathered in Holy Synod, listen to Him Who is our Lord. We ask this through the same Jesus Christ, Who lives and reigns with the Father and the same Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.


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