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Fifteen people are dead and 14 are in hospital after a bus carrying a junior hockey team to a playoff game in Saskatchewan collided with a transport truck on a rural highway. The crash involving the Humboldt Broncos team bus occurred on Highway 35 near Tisdale, more than 200 kilometres northeast of Saskatoon, late Friday afternoon, April 6, 2018.

The bus was T-boned by a transport truck, which was scheduled to play the Broncos in Game 5 of a semi-final Friday night. There were 29 people, including the driver, on board the bus at the time of the collision.



O Lord God we come to You at this time of great shock and grief and ask that in Your grace, You would shed Your peace and comfort to all who are mourning this death – that was so sudden and so very unexpected.  Lighten our darkness O Lord we pray, and comfort our sorrowing hearts. Pour Your peace that passes all understanding into the hearts of all that are grieving and shower the assurance of Your love on all – at this time of sadness.  Lord we are not to grieve as those who have no hope – those that have not trusted in Christ as Saviour, for our hope and trust is in You and our eyes are looking to You for strength, encouragement and comfort at this time of great sadness.  Lord it is at a time like this that we suddenly begin to realise the great frailty of life and the brief portion that we are permitted on this earth. Cause all who are grieving here today to take stock of our own, individual lives and help us to be wise and to number our days. Help us to live our lives as unto the Lord, knowing that at any time You may choose to call us home as well.  Thank You Father, that our times are in Your hands and there are no sudden deaths in Your economy. May we live wisely from this day forward and use us we pray, to be a comfort to others who may experience similar times of great sadness, In Jesus name we pray, Amen

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