It is not easy in this short space to tell you all about the Church. We wish to make it clear that we are not a new Church. We adhere to the One Holy Catholic Church founded by Jesus Christ. Bishop Hodur wrote in 1930s: „As a human organization, the Polish National Catholic Church came into existence among the Polish people in emigration in America in 1897, but as a Divine Institution, it existed from its establishment by Jesus Christ in Jerusalem” (Catechism of PNCC). In the 19th century many Polish people immigrated to the United States looking for economic, political and also religious freedom
Formally, the Polish National Catholic Church was organized at Scranton, Pennsylvania, on March 14, 1897. By 1904 over 20,000 people in five states joined the Polish Catholic Church. The PNCC is the only American Church that is a member of the Utrecht Union of Old Catholic Churches. Both the Roman Catholic and the Orthodox Churches recognize our Orders.

IT IS A CATHOLIC CHURCH… rooted in Scripture, based on tradition, and accepting as dogmatic the first Seven Councils of the undivided Christian Church.

IT IS AN APOSTOLIC CHURCH… preserving the Apostolic Succession, an unbroken line of bishops from the Apostles of Jesus Christ to the present day bishops and priests.

IT IS A SACRAMENTAL CHURCH… which acknowledges Seven Sacraments:
1. Baptism and Confirmation
2. The Word of God
3. Penance
4. Holy Eucharist
5. Holy Unction
6. Holy Orders
7. Matrimony

IT IS A TEACHING CHURCH… using catechetic for children and teens; School of Christian Living, a Sunday School for all ages to impart the rich heritage left by Christ to all.

IT IS A DEMOCRATIC CHURCH… in which clergy and laity interact responsibly in Church policy and management with voice in parochial and Seniorate, Diocesan and General Synods.

IT IS A RESPONSIVE CHURCH… meeting of the religious needs of its faithful through Mass and the Sacraments and their social needs through various service organizations.

IT IS AN ECUMENICAL CHURCH… reaching into the community and cooperating with other Churches to make your city or town a better place to live.
At this time much positive dialogue is going on between representatives of Anglican, Orthodox, Roman Catholic Church and the Polish National Catholic Church.

IT IS A COUNSELING CHURCH… If you are having family, personal, religious problems, if you are looking for moral or spiritual support, maybe we can help you.

IT IS A WORSHIPPING CHURCH… where regular Mass attendance is encouraged on Sunday, the Lord’s Day. Other Holy Days of obligation and services call us to give praise and honor to God.

IT IS A PENITENTIAL CHURCH… where the Sacrament of Penance is given by private confession to children until their 16th birthday, after which, Penance is given by a general form to all at the opening of the Mass.

IT IS FRIENDLY CHURCH… where all parish members join in welcoming and enlarging their circle of Christian fellowship with each new parishioner.

IT IS A CHURCH THAT CARES FOR ITS ELDERLY… not only on the parish level, but for those less fortunate who do not have families.