The Book of Life3


Let us pray, that those who have died, will find eternal life in the name of Jesus Christ, especially:

† Marvin Atamanchuk (1967), Walter Komish (1979), Ernest Shumski (1983), Anne Komish (1989), Helen Atamanchuk (1994), Sam Atamanchuk (1995), Pauline Woloshyn (2015)
† Nick Worona, Mary Worona, Carrie Slusarchuk, Paul Slusarchuk, Lorne Slusarchuk, Larry Ravestein
Caroline, William & Harold Golembioski, Sally, Peter, Garry & Ilonka Mazur, Bernard, Patricia Mariash, Virginia Mariash-Thiessen, Very Rev. Wacław Cwieka, Pauline & Kazmir Shumilak, Eva, David & Steve Bahry, Mae Sokalski, Walter Fedon, Wanda Naurocki, Charlie Molinski
John & Mary Regula, Tom & Nina Regula, Henry & Stan Regula, Dallas Ward, Auntie Jean & Uncle Andy Fedak, Geordie Carter, Stephen Bahry, Peter & Sally Mazur, Garry & Ilonka Mazur|
 John & Peter Golembioski, Melodie Babisky, Pauline & Marco Dzioba, Eleanor & Alec Okrainec, John & Beatrice Golembioski, Joe & Mary Dzioba, Harry & Mary Dzioba, Julien & Lena Dzioba
 Norman Mikaluff, Mary & Louis Pirozek, Sharon Naurocki, Bert Naurocki, Wanda Naurocki

Let us pray that the saving power of God will bring those who have died, to the glory of the resurrection, especially:

Ilonka Mazur, Peter Mazur, Sally Mazur, Garry Mazur
Barrie: Keith, James, Christian, Baumgartner: Louis, Elsie & Leonard, Arthur, William (Bill), Charles & Rose, Case: Neta & Albert, Leonard, Kehler: Isaac, Francis, Kenneth & Abe, Romanow: Edward, Joe & Irene, Peter & Sophie, Slusarchuk: Loran, Sharon & Caroline, Patricia Marynewich, Patrick Rogoski, Stanley Rogoski, Steffie (Stella) Anderson, Douglas & Bill Caufield, Bernice McDonald, Edwin Kanarowski, Mae Sokalski, Jack Stanley
† Regula Family: John & Mary, Tom & Nina, Henry, Stanley, Lawrence; Gmitrowski Family: John & Albina, Joe & Mary, Bob & Millie, Ted & Helen; Bill Bodnar, Mike & Mary Sobetski, Pat Mariash, Virginia Mariash-Thiessen, Kasmir & Mae Sokalski, Wanda Naurocki, Caroline Dancho, Caroline Golembioski, Geordie Carter, Jean & Andy Fedak, Steve Bahry, Maggie Henderson, Jan Van Nest, Helen Gulash, Mary Moran, Glen, Frank, June, Nikki, Josh Hamilton, Frank Domiter Sr., Larry Baer, Mrs Frances, Paul McDonald, Eva Helen Kay, Rev. Donald Malinowski, Rev. Waclaw Cwieka

Hail Mary…

Our Father…

Eternal rest grant to them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

God our Father, 
Your power brings us to birth,
Your providence guides our lives, 
and by Your command we return to dust.

Lord, those who die still live in Your presence,
their lives change but do not end. 
I pray in hope for my family, 
relatives and friends, 
and for all the dead known to you alone. 

In company with Christ, 
Who died and now lives, 
may they rejoice in Your kingdom, 
where all our tears are wiped away. 
Unite us together again in one family, 
to sing Your praise forever and ever. Amen