• Loving God – Members should accept and obey Christ’s teaching, maintain a personal relationship with God, pray often and give Him glory by living a good life.

  • Sharing Faith – Members should actively take part in Church worship and listen sincerely to God’s Word. They should share the faith with others.

  • Obeying the Ten Commandments – They are God’s laws and show how to live a Christians life. By obeying them, Church members help strengthen the Kingdom of God on earth.

  • Partaking of the sacraments – The sacraments were instituted by Jesus Christ for peoples sanctification and salvation. Active participation in them will help members to live a Christian life.



  • To the Church – Members should follow the principles of the Polish National Catholic Church give their time and talents to further Church and parish goals. Members need to contribute financially to the support of the Church. They should actively participate in Church affairs, vote on parish matters, serve on committee, etc.

  • To Society – Members should practice Christ’s ideas in their everyday lives; Be tolerant of others faith; Recognize everyone’s right to equality and opportunity; Be loyal to their country; Work for the good of all human beings; Rear children in the name of God and set Christian example for them.