As a new wave of violence erupts between Israelis and Palestinians, terrorizing people on both sides of the conflict, and bringing death and injury in its wake, to pray for peace seems a hopeless and naive folly. And yet, we pray and we continue to hope, despite the despair and bitterness, cynicism and fear on both sides. Moreover, as people of good-will committed to the prophetic call for justice, we cannot and will not cease to raise our voices against injustice and to support those among the Israelis and the Palestinians, who are working to establish justice and peace for both peoples. And so we pray:

A Prayer for the Middle East Crisis
God of the ages,
we watch the images,
we hear the words,
we see the articles,
and our hearts break,
our souls ache,
our words falter.
We yearn to respond,
to reach out to Israelis and Palestinians,
all our sisters and brothers.
Show us ways to show our care.
Guide leaders of nations and people
to turn from violence and seek the ways of peace;
to do justice; and
to walk humbly with you.
We pray in Jesus’ name.