St. Mary’s Cemetery is located at 360 McIvor Ave. in Winnipeg. The parish does have grave sites available. For more information please contact Parish Office at (204) 586-3825.

General rules for all visitors to the Cemetery grounds

 The Cemetery is open to the public during daylight hours every day of the year and visitors are welcome to enter the land to tend graves, to pay respects to former loved ones or simply to contemplate or pray silently in the tranquil setting.
No vehicles shall be allowed into the cemetery except for cemetery maintenance personnel, the grave digger and motorised or electric wheelchairs. Vehicles may enter the land by prior arrangement with the Clerk of local key holder.
No bicycles or skate-boards shall be allowed into the cemetery.
No dogs (except recognised guide dogs) are permitted within the Cemetery boundaries.
Visitors are asked to keep to the walks and to avoid damage to surfaces, plants, seats, signs and monuments and to the flowers and furnishes of graves.  Please close all gates behind you.  Children should be supervised at all times.
Litter and dead flowers should be removed from anywhere in the cemetery grounds and placed in the waste bins provided differentiating between general and green composting waste.  Picnicking/camping, singing or the playing of music (except as part of the funeral rites,  the playing of games, horse riding and the use of any kind of guns or bows are strictly prohibited.  Please help to promote a tranquil atmosphere in this setting and respect the feelings others visiting the final resting place of their loved ones.
Water for flower vases may be obtained from the tap by the maintenance building. Please turn off the tap after use.
The Cemetery Committee asks all users and visitors to be on the alert for vandalism, littering and disrespectful behaviour and report the same as soon as possible to the Police or to the Parish Office (204-586-3825).


 The selection of any grave space in the cemetery is in all cases subject to consent and approval of the Cemetery Committee and consistent with the Committee’s scheme for systematic interment in the cemetery.
The Committee will advise the public where grave spaces are available.
Grave spaces can be reserved on application to the Committee.
Removal from the cemetery of any surplus soil, after a burial, shall be the responsibility of the undertaker.
Headstones must be of marble or stone and secured, with ground anchors.
Headstones are the responsibility of the family and the Committee accepts no responsibility for any damage which may occur.
No flowers can be grown on the grave space.  If there is evidence that the grave space is neglected, the Committee reserves the right to grass over the grave space.
Flowers can be placed on a headstones space only.
It is the responsibility of the family to pay the fees of a grave digger.
Ongoing maintenance of the grave, following a burial, is the responsibility of the family.  If there is evidence that the grave is neglected, the Committee reserves the right to take the appropriate action and recover all cost incurred from the family.

 Grant of Exclusive Right

This is issued when you purchase a grave space either for full internment or cremated remains. This right lasts for 99 years, and allows you to be buried in this space. You may pass this on in your will to allow your partner/spouse to be buried with you. Full internment plots and Cremated Remains plots are dug single depth only. As a parishioner you are able to pre-purchase internment plots at the lower rate.

Fees and Charges

The Committee publishes a list of the fees and charges payable by parishioners and non-parishioners for various services and rights.  Fees and charges may be updated from time to time without notice.  Fees and charges for non-parishioners are set higher than for parishioners because, the whole costs of land, development and maintenance of the cemetery is and has been exclusively borne by the domestic ratepayers of the parish. All fees are to be paid to Parish Committee before the ground is opened. Cheques should be made payable to St. Mary’s Parish PNCC. For more information contact Parish Office at (204) 586-3825.

As of July 1, 2022:

Members $1705 (inc GST).

Non-members $2135 (inc GST).


Salty tears sting my face
Sundry emotions begin to race
I miss you so
Why did you have to go
When my heart is wary
I come to this quiet cemetery
Standing beside your grave

Trying to be strong and brave
I touch your name engraved in stone
Somehow I feel so alone
Through my mortal heartache
I know God makes no mistakes
During my solace visit
I smile and reflect a bit
One day in Heaven we’ll be
Together again and happy