A long standing tradition for the St. Joseph’s Mission of PNCC is the annual blessing of the cemetery and Church dinner.
Held every year on the fourth Sunday of May, the Mass is dedicated to our departed loved ones—our family, friends and the founders of our parish.   Following the Service, the members take the short drive to the Cemetery to pray by the gravesites of all who are at rest there.
After returning to the church, dinner is served including fried chicken, perogies, cabbage rolls, meatballs, the list goes on and on,  all prepared by the members of the parish.
Topping off the afternoon is the always loved raffle of prizes donated by the parish members.   The prize table is always full of delightful gifts to be won, and very few people go home empty handed.   A sometimes boisterous rivalry often erupts, usually instigated by those whose numbers are just not being pulled (sometimes that is our own Father Ted!).
Please mark your calendar to join us next year for this special event.