The Altar Server Ministry is composed of boys and girls who volunteer their time and talents to serve at the Sunday Masses at St. Mary’s Parish. The Altar Servers are also invited to volunteer their time and talents to serve at other Masses and Liturgies such as weddings, baptisms, Stations of the Cross during Lent, First Communion, Confirmation.
The Altar Server ministry is an extremely important one at St. Mary’s Parish because Altar Servers assist the priest in setting the tone of the Mass and in leading the congregation in worship. Altar Servers do this by their own personal commitment to the ministry, by their reverent behavior in the sanctuary (the area surrounding the Altar), and by the respectful and competent execution of their duties.
Any boy or girl who meets the age (10) and/or grade requirement and has received their First Communion can become an altar server. Regular attendance at church, an ability to make a commitment and a family that values worshipping together in the community are all required elements of a successful server. Altar serving is an important and necessary job. It builds character and requires making a commitment. Altar serving promotes responsibility, accountability, leadership and above all, teamwork.
Our parish currently has altar servers under the leadership of senior altar servers Walter Fedon and Frankie Domite; they include Renz Danielle Gatiwan, Ren Ivy Gatiwan, Renea Gatiwan, Jondrei Hangdaan, Kendrick Banaga and Isaiah Jacinto.