When a family gets together, often one of the things they do together is to share stories, remembering events of the past, and sharing wisdom or insight into current family experiences. At Mass, we share stories of our faith through the readings.
The Lectors at Mass are lay parishioners who proclaim the readings from the Old and New Testaments. These readings are determined by the liturgical cycle, certain readings are always proclaimed on certain feasts, while most of the readings rotate through a three year cycle so that over the course of three years, the entire bible is covered.
The purpose of having Lectors at Mass is to proclaim the readings in such a way as to communicate meaning in the words of the Lord. The Lector uses their gifts and skills to give voice and life to words given to us by God.
We are most grateful for your continued service to God and to our parish! We feel blest to have lectors at each Mass. Thank you again for your faithfulness to this important ministry!  Blessings on the year ahead of us!


Prayer of Lectors:

Dear Jesus, thank You for calling me to be a lector at Your Eucharistic celebrations. Let me take this role seriously and diligently prepare myself for it by studying the sacred texts before mass, and by striving to be a better Catholic Christian. By my physical action of reading, I AM the instrument through whom You become present to the assembly in Your word and through whom You impart Your teachings. Let nothing in my manner disturb Your people or close their hearts to the action of Your spirit. Cleanse my heart and my mind and open my lips that I may worthily proclaim Your word.