BeauSt. Joseph’s Church was first established in Beausejour in 1924. A group of Polish people around the area wanted to have a church in town. Up to then, they were gathering in private residences or the little red schoolhouse in town. Priests from Winnipeg would conduct services. The first service was conducted by Rev. Paleszewski of St. Mary’s PNCC in Winnipeg. Later they would be conducted by Rev. Sobaszek and Rev. Latas.
The original organizers of the parish were Michael Sokolski, Joseph Pirozek and Marion Myslicki. A number of people dedicated to building the church canvassed the community and collected $650, which they gave to the organizers and the project was underway. A plot of land on the south side of Park Avenue West was donated by Mr. Pirozek, and with the efforts of many volunteers the church was constructed in 1928. This building served the parish until 1976 when the land and church were sold due to the extent of repairs necessary for the old building. The parish then purchased the Elim Baptist Church building on 345 Park Avenue where services were held by Fr. Malinowski, Fr. Cwieka, and presently Fr. Tadeusz Czelen.
The dedication service of the new church was held on September 11, 1977, officiated by Bishop Nieminski, along with the parish priests from all the Polish National Catholic Churches in Manitoba: Fr. Malinowski (Beausejour) Fr. Cwieka (Winnipeg), Fr. Lapinski (Brandon), Fr. Galas of Mikado SK, and Pastor Kliever from the Elim Baptist Church.
The Parish continues today with descendents and relatives of the founders remaining active members. Services are held on the third Sunday of each month.
If you ever happen to be in the area, please come join us !

May 24, 2015 – Cemetery Prayers and blessing of the graves.
Annual Parish Dinner.

May 27, 2018